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The Door Store provides sliding door solutions to customers throughout Cumbernauld.

If you have a bedroom that is an awkward size with alcoves or chimney breasts in it, then using one of these spaces to house a wardrobe is an obvious choice. But sometimes you can’t find a wardrobe that fits. Either it is too big or too small, leaving odd spaces that can’t be used for anything. The best solution can often be to install sliding doors and create a wardrobe yourself.

Sliding doors in Cumbernauld are a favourite for wardrobe in both older and newer houses. Requiring a top and bottom track to operate, these doors can be installed to fit the space available, leaving nothing to waste and making an alcove become a useful part of the room.

Here at the Door Store we have a full range of sliding doors that are perfect for creating wardrobes. We can measure and fit the doors for you and all you need to add are the internal wardrobe fittings which simply make use of the walls of the alcove. Because we have such a wide range of doors in stock, we can provide something that matches up to almost any room style or décor.

Sliding doors can also be used on cupboards and other smaller alcoves if there is room to slide the door against a wall or behind another piece of furniture. This can create another storage area in the room that looks smart and doesn’t need space for a swinging door. 

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