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The Door Store provides sliding door solutions to customers throughout Motherwell.

Sliding doors for wardrobes and for patio door areas have become a popular choice for many homes.  The space saving benefits of sliding doors in Motherwell and around the country are well known but sometimes people tend to think that sliding doors can only be used for these two purposes.  However when you use a company such as The Door Store who offer bespoke door design services, there are a lot more things you can do with a sliding door.

Take the kitchen area, for example.  Full length cupboards or pantries are becoming a popular option but you don’t want them open to the sunlight all of the time.  Rather than having an awkward door swinging into the room, you can use a sliding door instead to hide the pantry.  It can match with the other cupboard doors in the space to create a consistent look.

The use of sliding doors on cupboards can apply to other rooms of the house.  Hallway cupboards often end up as a dumping spot for coats, shoes, umbrellas and such so adding a sliding door makes the most of the reduced space in a hallway and keeps the area looking tidy.

Kids toy cupboards are another great option for sliding doors.  They can use fun colours to match in with bedroom furniture and their ease of use means children can easily access their toys.  Hiding their toys behind a sliding door also ensures their room always looks that bit tidier than having open plan cupboards.

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