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Choosing new doors for our home often involves a lot of thought about the front of the house but what about the back door? Should you also use a similar style on the back or go for a contrasting look?

When choosing UPVC doors in Fife, many people opt for a slightly different style on the back door to the front. Many choose to have a front door with some glass while others have only a minimal amount, sometimes none at all. They dislike the idea of anyone seeing through the front door, even though glass is usually frosted to reduce visibility.

Around the back, things are a little different. Doors allowing more light into the room are popular and often sliding doors can be used if there is a patio or French door opening. This lets the most light into the room possible as well as taking up the smallest amount of room.

Whatever style you choose, front and back UPVC doors will have the same level of security integral to their design. This means your home will be safer due to their multi-point locking systems and you can rest at night knowing that your home is well protected, especially when the doors are combined with windows

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