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The Door Store supplies and installs doors throughout Kirkcaldy.

If you live anywhere in Kirkcaldy, we will visit you to discuss your requirements and give you a FREE QUOTE.

Please note, we don't employ sales people, only skilled tradespeople. Our staff will discuss your door requirements, take measurements and leave you a quote to consider.

Choosing Your Doors

The doors in your house act as barriers between rooms, creating privacy in bedrooms and bathrooms and making for a cosy space in living rooms or conservatories.  Doors come in all shapes and sizes but what many of us don’t realise is that there is also the matter of which way a door should open.

As a rule, you don’t really want a door to open into a hall or corridor.  Therefore, when you are choosing your doors in Kirkcaldy, you want to look at which direction the door needs to open to avoid this.  There’s an easy way to look at your doors and understand what you need – whichever side of the door the handle is on dictates what side opening door your need.  So if the handle is on the right hand side of the door, then you want a ring-hand swing open door.

Of course, if this all seems a little complicated, the easiest option is to speak to an expert such as those at The Door Store.  One of Scotland’s leading door supplier, the company offer the widest range of doors for internal and external purposes.  Their expert staff can help you find the perfect door, understand which way it needs to open and even come to your home to fit them for you.  This takes the randomness from the process and ensures that the doors you purchase are a perfect match for your home from the sizing to the orientation and even the style.


The Door Store's products include:

  1. External Doors
  2. Glass Internal Doors
  3. Solid Internal Doors
  4. Never Paint Again Doors
  5. French Doors
  6. Designer Door Handles
  7. Pine Doors
  8. UPVC Front Doors
  9. UPVC Back Doors
  10. Flooring
  11. Sliding Doors

Please contact The Door Store to discuss your door requirements.


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